Places To Visit

Places To Visit - Thomas Boat and JetSki Hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Astonishing sceneries, majestic beaches, coves and everything you can imagine can be found all over the island. Here is a list of the various places you can visit by hiring a boat from "Thomas Boat and JetSki Hire".

Diaplo - Thomas Boat and Jet Ski hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

Diaplo, two small islands and only a stone throw away from each other wise known to the locals as donkey island because the locals put the donkeys there to breed. Typically Diaplo is visited by tourists on regularly outing from San Stefanos for a BBQ lunch and dip in the sea. This island is well worth a visit within your busy schedule in Corfu, especially if one enjoys snorkeling.

Canal D' Amour
Canal D' Amour - Thomas Boat and Jet Ski hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

"Canal D'Amour" is french for "Channel of Love". It is a rock formation carved by the force of the sea and wind and can be found near the tourist village of Sidari in the northwestern tip of Corfu. There is something that looks like a cave but actually is a tunnel which leads to the other end of the rock.

This tunnel gave the place its name. Legend has it that if somebody swim through the tunnel, the person who will meet at the other end will become his/her eternal love.

Apotripiti beach, Peroulades
Apotripiti beach, Peroulades - Thomas Boat and Jet Ski hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

The picturesque beach of Apotripiti located in Peroulades near Sidari, 34 km from Corfu town on the north coast of the island. The beach extends about 300m characterized by his muddy sand and is surrounded by massive rocks. The beach Apotripiti is an organized beach and provides umbrellas and sunbeds for hire.

On the beach it is possible for water activities such as waterbicycle rental, while you have the chance for a free spa using as an ointment for your skin the muddy sand of the beach.


Cape Drastis, Peroulades
Cape Drastis in Peroulades - Thomas Boat and Jet Ski hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

Northwest of Corfu, in the village of Peroulades,  you will find yourself in the magical sight of Cape Drastis. Far from crowded beaches, the only company will be yourself and the sounds of nature and the sea. Turquoise blue, crystal clear waters... Wherever you look there will be some rock or sandy spot calling you to standon it or swim next to it. You will definitely find something to admire... Cape Drastis is a place of unparalleled beauty and value!

The emotions and the experience is one of those things that are hard to describe... One of these situations which you simply "had to be there!"

Porto Timoni in Afionas
Porto Timoni, Afionas - Thomas Boat and Jet Ski hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

Porto Timoni is a beautiful beach, well hidden and not particularly known, below Afionas village and near Agios Georgios Pagi. Essentially, it is about two different beaches which, are separated by a narrow strip of land. The small one is called Limni and the big one Porto Timoni. In fact, this location is magnificent as verdant, dense hills end upon these two beaches, one with blue waters and the second with more deep blue waters. These two bays as you will figure out have different water temperatures.

The only things you will find in Porto Timoni are the closed, lee bays, very clean waters and a few bathers. Obviously this is a totally unorganized beach and therefore you must have water and all the essentials for your stay there.

Paleokastritsa - Thomas Boat and JetSki Hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

The resort of Paleokastritsa is hilly and nestles beneath the folds of steep verdant slopes of olive groves and citrus orchards. Paleokastritsa is chiefly memorable for the exceptional scenery along with the superb beaches. The cool crystal waters are ideal for swimming and water sports.

It is well worth to visit all the beaches (About 15, most reached only by boat) in the around area by boat and see also the famous Paleokastritsa caves. For the really active, the rocks, the caves and the crystal water provide great points for diving. Paleokastritsa enjoys a spectacular setting on six (6) small-enclosed bays with crystal turquoise water.

Sidari - Thomas Boat and JetSki Hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

Large, sandy and full of activites, Sidari's main beach is situated between the harbor and the cliffs of Canal D' Amour. Centrally located, it runs parallel to the main road that cuts through Sidari and is lined with bars, restaurants, cafes and tourist shops.

The landscape with the soft rock erosion is very interesting and several little bays around Sidari offer small swimming spaces for large crowds. A yearly award of a Blue Flag is given to the main beach of the resort which meets the criteria of the programme.

Logas, Sunset Beach
Logas/Sunset Beach - Thomas Boat and Jet Ski Hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

This beach located in the village of Peroulades, is famous for the stunning views to the sea and the sunset but the weather should be very calm to enjoy them. The strip is very narrow and often covered by the waves (especially in windy weather) but yet the water is shallow. There is no sand but specific yellow clay which in windy days makes the sea look muddy and greyish. The seashore in the area is rocky and there are only a few small coves which can be reached by boat only.


Agios Georgios Pagon
Agios Georgios Pagon - Thomas Boat and JetSki Hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

Agios Georgios Pagon (North) is a pleasant, quiet resort in a beautiful bay. Lying tucked away several miles down a twisty road the little resort of Agios Georgios (North), or San George as some call it, is a heaven for lovers of a quiet restful holiday. So far the demands of the tourist trade have not spoiled the natural beauty of this delightful bay.

Agios Georgios Pagon’s (North) boundless beach, which has been awarded with the blue flag by EEC, is considered as one of the best and safest Corfu beaches. Its golden sands extend over five kilometers, its waters are emerald and mirror-like; and the whole beach is surrounded by verdant hills and pine trees.

Arillas - Thomas Boat and JetSki Hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

The beautiful beach of Arillas Corfu is extending on 2 kilometers and has golden sand. This fine beach is lying between two small peninsulas which are forming a protecting wall against the strong winds that sometimes blow on Corfu.

Arillas has a certain quiet and sheltered feel, this being the furthest north of the west coast Corfu destinations. The main road runs alongside the beach and the people are wonderful. The beach is distinctive in that it seems to change shape, according to the prevailing wind and currents. A north wind tends to pile sand on the beach which can 'grow' by two meters daily, while a southern wind does the opposite.

San Stefanos
San Stefanos - Thomas Boat and JetSki Hire, San Stefanos, Corfu

With a backdrop of gentle hills, olive groves and an unspoilt rural valley, Agios Stefanos beach is over a mile long and offers both shallow, flashing blue water, safe for children and a broad stretch of golden soft sand. This safe, spacious and relatively undeveloped beach is popular with children and has been the centerpiece of many family holidays.

Agios Stefanos is a quiet fishing village which has added tourism over the last twenty years without losing its identity. Fishing is still a very important part of the local economy. At the local harbour about 10 minutes walk from the center you can buy fresh fish directly from the fishing boats as they come in early in the morning.